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  • Bola Bondeh: a good-quality compost
    Good compost is hard to come by. We are now in a testing phase to have large quantities of high quality, clean compost by recycling organic matter from the agrofood industry and waste water.

    It will become available to improve the soil quality of gardens, urban horticulture, landscaping projects, but also to vegetable growers, cocoa and pineapple farmers in and around Accra.

    A call center and garden center are set up and compost can be delivered. Ultimately we will produce 250 MT per week of world-class compost.

    The Bola Bondeh project is a cooperation of Slamson Ltd, Ago Eco-Louis Bolk Institute, WaterFocus, Green-Gro and the Ghanaian government..

    Product: dried matter from dewatered faecal sludge which is mixed with organic materials, agro industrial waste (cocoa husks, sawdust or chicken droppings) and/or feedstock (brewer’s spent grain, rice chaff) together with micro-
    organisms to speed up the composting will give you pathogen free, good quality product, enriched with fertilizer.

    The project will work on more professional collection of waste water, construction of public toilets, collection of waste water in Jamestown, a treatment station at Lavender Hill.


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